From the Colonel - April edition - Tips on How to Make Your Home Go UP on the Market

Dated: 04/03/2019

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Tips on How to Make Your Home Go UP on the Market


We all know selling a home can be stressful.


With my professional help and these useful tips, we can get your house sold FAST!


Selling your home quickly requires good marketing, the appropriate price, and impressive showing.


Here are some helpful tips to get your house in and out of the market faster than you can say, “MY HOME IS ON THE MARKET”.


  1. Invest in a storage unit while your house is on the market.


This will give you a space to put your excess things while your home is being shown to potential buyers. Eliminating about half of your belongings makes the home look better while showing!


  1. Hire a professional to stage and photograph your home.


Studies show that homes with more than six listing photos online are twice as likely to be viewed by buyers. High quality photographs make your home stand out. A staged home will allow the potential buyer to imagine themselves in the home. On average, staged homes sell for about 6% more.


  1. Find the right realtor or real estate agent.


Be sure that you hire a Realtor who is right for you. Ask yourself, is this Realtor familiar with my area? Does he/she have experience? A great way to tell if a Realtor  is right for you is by checking their reviews. If they do not have any reviews, that could be a red flag. Additionally, check the reviews of their real estate brand.


  1. Promote your house on the market.


Selling your home quickly requires marketing. You can promote your home on your personal social media. Ideally, your Realtor promotes your home. I promote Client homes on my website and my social media. There is no such thing as too much promotion when it comes to real estate.


  1. Brighten up the curb appeal (front and rear living spaces).


The first thing a potential buyer sees is the exterior of the house. As I discussed in my last installment of “From the Colonel”, the exterior of the house is so important! And, not just the front, but the back living space as well. Whether a potential buyer drives by the house or views a listing post on social media, the exterior of the house can make or break their decision to buy.


I pride myself on providing my clients with the highest quality experience. It is all about integrity, service, and performance.


Don’t forget that when it comes to real estate, “DAN’S THE MAN”.


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to like my pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Dan Lang

Fathom Realty, Chapin, SC


Facebook: @DanLangRealtor

Instagram: danlangsellshomes

Twitter: @DanLangRealtor

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